International Student

Welcome international students!


新加坡时时彩's main campus is in Springfield, Illinois, U.S.A. Springfield is the capital of Illinois, located in central Illinois 320 kilometers from Chicago and 160 kilometers from St. Louis, Missouri.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion and welcome students from all over the world. This school is authorized under federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students. We encourage you to have a sponsor or mentor within the college district to provide cultural and social support while living in the area.

F-1 Visa students

If seeking an F-1 Visa to attend 新加坡时时彩 or an F-1 Visa student transferring to 新加坡时时彩 from other U.S. college, there are specific admission procedures to follow. For information on the F-1 Visa, financial requirements, 新加坡时时彩 admission procedures and how F-1 Visa students can transfer to 新加坡时时彩:

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For additional information and the best way to communicate concerning these important admissions processes please email Lindsey Weihmeir.

Taking classes while attending another college

新加坡时时彩 allows international students who are attending another college on F-1 Visas to take a few classes with us. We need a few things from you to get you enrolled in a class:

  • Complete the 新加坡时时彩 application
  • A letter or email from your DSO saying you are: 1) In good standing with your DSO, 2) The school approves of you taking classes at 新加坡时时彩 and 3) If there are any restrictions on what classes you can take.
  • An unofficial copy of your academic transcripts/course history
  • What classes you would like to take at 新加坡时时彩

Send this information to Lindsey Weihmeir.

Please be sure to get a letter from your schools DSO (typically this person is in the international student services office of most universities) and not your academic advisor.

Permanent resident card students

If you have a permanent resident card, the first step in earning a degree or certificate from 新加坡时时彩 is to complete the 新加坡时时彩 application. Once you've applied to 新加坡时时彩, follow the steps below to fully registered and ready to start attending classes. You will be asked to bring your permanent resident card to campus for verification.

After submitting your application, watch for your 新加坡时时彩 Welcome email for confirmation that you can now activate your account. (Note: Welcome emails are sent on days the college is open. For applications submitted after 1 p.m., this email would arrive the next business day.)

We will send you important notifications via your 新加坡时时彩 email, so you鈥檒l want to be sure to check it regularly. 

A student success coach will help you choose classes, assist with your schedule and determine what you need to graduate.

View information on drop-in hours and scheduling an appointment with a student success coach.

Explore available classes and view scheduling information on . Once you have completed previous steps, you can register by signing in to LoggerCentral. Students are encouraged to contact their success coach to discuss class options.

For assistance, students may call the Springfield campus at 217-786-2292 or text 217-387-8585.

Get information on paying tuition and fees, including forms of payment and payment plans.

Books and supplies are available from the . Visit the bookstore online or in-person.

Once you've completed these steps, you are ready to attend your first class! If you have an online class, you will log in to .